Hen harrier nest camera goes live


A new hen harrier nest camera funded by BASC’s Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (now BASC Wildlife Fund) has gone live, streaming the incredible footage around the globe.

The live web camera is situated at Swinton Estate in Yorkshire and is broadcasting via YouTube. The camera was set up to help engage the public and provide valuable information on the ecology of breeding hen harriers.

The purchase and installation of the camera was funded through a £5,165 grant by the Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (WHCT).

The WHCT grant was contributed through the sale of last year’s Wildlife Habitat Trust conservation stamps, which featured a painting of two hen harriers flying across the very same moor on Swinton Estate.

The nest camera funding accompanies a larger WHCT grant of £100,000 to the Moorland Association to aid the hen harrier brood management trial. The trial has played a part in record breaking numbers of hen harriers fledging in England over the last five years.

Watch the hen harrier nest camera here

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