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Underpinned by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the grant-giving powers of the BASC Wildlife Fund Charity (BWFC), the BASC Wildlife Funds exists to promote and support sustainable shooting in its delivery of practical conservation.

Financial support is available in the form of grants to fund activities and projects, and loans, which are agreed for land purchase.

Grants are awarded to support:

  • conservation activities that demonstrate the wider benefits of sustainable shooting and connecting people to their environment.
  • biodiversity conservation projects in the UK, or in other countries connected to the UK by migratory quarry species.

Any grant awarded must result in long-term sustainable change, aligned to the aims and objectives of the BASC Wildlife Fund.

There are two grant schemes: small grants of up to £5,000, and major grants of up to £100,000. Applications for small grants can be made at any time, while applications for major grants can only be submitted when a call for applications is open (usually in mid summer).

We encourage all applicants, particularly if you are seeking a major grant, to first complete an Expression of Interest form. You’ll find the form at the bottom of this page; you can send this to us at any time.

You can find further guidance on applying for a BASC Wildlife Fund small grant here and major grant here.


BASC Wildlife Fund loans are available to assist BASC affiliated clubs and syndicates with the acquisition of land and sporting rights for shooting and conservation purposes. 

Loans are available for up to a maximum period of 15 years. The club or syndicate must be affiliated to BASC in order to apply for funding and must remain so for the term of the loan.

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